Community Resource Network

Community Resource Network Header

Bridges the gap between healthcare providers and community human services, creating a directory of human services as resources for healthcare providers

Disparate clinical and EHR systems create data siloes that are especially difficult to link with community resources. CivicHealth’s Community Resource Network bridges that gap.

The platform facilitates referral management between case workers and community service organizations. CivicHealth’s solution streamlines the process of tracking tasks for a targeted population among multiple entities and allows for the secure hand off of information in a defined medical neighborhood.

SaaS (Cloud-Based Hosting)

Easily access your files and data from anywhere

Consulting on Network Development

Let CivicHealth’s network development experts help build out your specialty network

Patient Registry for Targeted Population

Support population health initiatives with a targeted registry

Closed Referral Management

Prevent patients from slipping through the cracks during the referral process by allowing partners to update their activities post-referral

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