How We Do It

Improve Connectivity, Collaboration and Execution

The healthcare industry is highly fragmented, with patients frequently requiring services from a wide range of physicians, specialists, hospital departments, post-acute care facilities and human services. This fragmentation and lack of connectivity between these resources negatively impacts collaboration, and leads to an inability to fully and effectively execute patient care.

Additionally, the gap in connecting patients to non-clinical community services during care transitions contributes to inefficiencies and leads to higher costs as well as lower patient compliance.

Care Coordination - How We Do It

The CivicHealth Solution

CivicHealth’s proprietary solutions and proven technology, recognized by national research organizations, enable interoperability between disparate electronic health records. The technology helps bridge the gap between healthcare providers and human services in a medical neighborhood, and results in more cost-effective care coordination and greater patient engagement.

CivicHealth’s platform works alongside EHRs as well as other IT systems in order to address three key issues:

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