Chronic Care Management


Streamline CCM Services with CivicHealth

While physicians may embrace the ability to receive reimbursement for time spent managing their highest risk patients, qualifying for the monthly payments requires demonstration and proof of
non-face-to-face services.

CivicHealth’s innovative software solution links with your EHR to capture and document the care management services you deliver.

From the development of a comprehensive care plan to coordination and collaboration with other healthcare providers, CivicHealth’s solution supports and streamlines each step, each month.

CivicHealth has more than a decade of experience in providing innovative solutions to help healthcare providers address the management of chronic care patients. These solutions go beyond the capabilities of EHRs to support coordination with community services, interoperability, referrals and patient engagement and compliance.

Chronic Care Management Patient

Not only does CivicHealth’s software solution assist care providers with the development and execution of a care plan, but it also supports other requirements, including:

•  Monitoring beneficiary’s condition
•  Ensuring beneficiary receipt of preventive care services
•  Reconciliation of medications
•  Oversight of beneficiary self-management of medications
•  Follow up after ER visits
•  Coordinating transitions of care
•  Documenting time as either total time or start/stop times

All Numbers For Average Family Medicine Physician
Annual number of unique patients  3,279
% patients covered by Medicare 21.85%
Annual number of unique Medicare patients 716
Medicare patients with 2+ chronic conditions 68.6%
Annual number of unique CCM patients 491
CCM monthly payment $42.60
Estimated gross revenue for family medicine physician $251,000 

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