Community and Public Health

Post-Acute and Long-Term Care

Care providers are being urged to create different types of specialty and narrow networks that include post-acute and long-term care networks to enhance care delivery and coordination while improving efficiency.

CivicHealth solutions help organizations create clinical, non-clinical and combined networks focused on target populations.

Value-based reimbursement and bundled payments are driving much of this network focus, and they require the ability to connect, collaborate and execute across multiple, disparate EHRs and other technology platforms. With a range of organizations being held accountable for long-term patient outcomes, CivicHealth aggregates information and enhances reporting and analytics to simplify tracking and measurement of initiatives.

Providers that have traditionally focused solely on episodic care are now expanding their view to include post-discharge results. CivicHealth delivers this data from the entire continuum of care, including provider, PACN (post-acute care network), LTPAC (long-term and post-acute care networks) and community services information. Care navigators and case managers rely on CivicHealth to effectively link healthcare and community organizations across disparate technology platforms and deliver a streamlined workflow.

Transitions of care, especially between hospitals, PACNs and LTPACs, have come under scrutiny as a stumbling block to achieving the benefits of coordinated care. CivicHealth’s solution platform helps an entire network collaborate to streamline transitions, regardless of whether they take place inside or outside a network.

The CivicHealth software solution addresses many of the most pressing issues facing healthcare networks including transitions of care, value-based reimbursement, patient compliance, avoidable readmissions and appropriate emergency department utilization.

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