Integrated Delivery Network

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Provides a management platform that solves the issues that arise when there are diverse care providers with disparate technology

Not only has it been proven that outcomes improve with collaborative care models, but new reimbursement initiatives such as bundled payments, value-based care and medical neighborhoods require close coordination of treatments for patients with medically complex diseases. A primary obstacle in the move to these new payment methods is the need to achieve connectivity and interoperability among different systems and organizations.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services expects that 50% of reimbursements will be handled with bundled payments by 2016.

CivicHealth’s Integrated Delivery Network solution provides a management platform that solves the issues that arise when there are diverse care providers with disparate technology. This complete care platform can manage a target population across all care settings and/or manage a focused initiative for a specialty or narrow network (e.g. post-acute care network, integrated clinical network, medical neighborhood, etc.).

Payer Mix Management

Allow transparency of data to manage contracts with specialty network partners

Medical Neighborhood Management

Facilitate collaboration between network partners, including human service providers

Care Transitions Protocols and Workflow

Provide structure and flexibility to match protocol needs

Bundled Payment Protocols and Workflow

Track and manage protocols to maximize reimbursements

CivicHealth’s Value-Based Care Management incorporates the Value-Based Care ManagementPatient Navigation and  Community Resource Network and also includes:

Community Health Record

Capture episodic treatment, human services data, treatments (ICD, CPT, DRG) and care pathway history

Care Pathway Management

Tailor care pathways and assessments to meet the needs of your organization and partners with access and support for national standards

Patient Engagement, Connectivity and Communication

Increase compliance with the configurable patient intake, patient communication portal, data input with remote monitoring and IVR with two-way text capability

Community Collaboration Portal

Work seamlessly with clinical and non-clinical partners to improve patient health

Patient Data Repository

Share a secure, HIPAA-compliant database with clinical and community resources

Eligibility and Enrollment

Determine patient eligibility and facilitate enrollment for government and community programs

SaaS (Cloud-Based Hosting)

Easily access your files and data from anywhere

Consulting on Network Development

Let CivicHealth’s network development experts help build out your specialty network

Patient Registry for a Targeted Population

Support population health initiatives with a targeted registry

Closed Referral Management

Prevent patients from slipping through the cracks during the referral process by allowing partners to update their activities post-referral

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