Get Paid for Care You Probably Already Deliver!

Chronic care management (CCM) contributes to better individual health and reduces healthcare expenditures.

Through CPT code 99490, established in January 2015, healthcare providers can be reimbursed by CMS for providing CCM services to qualifying Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions.

Spending only 20 minutes per month in non-face-to-face contact with a patient with two or more chronic conditions is reimbursable at an average of $42.60 per month. Based on national data, the revenue potential for a single provider billing for CPT code 99490 is an additional $251,000. (See chart below.)

All Numbers For Average Family Medicine Physician
Annual number of unique patients  3,279
% patients covered by Medicare 21.85%
Annual number of unique Medicare patients 716
Medicare patients with 2+ chronic conditions 68.6%
Annual number of unique CCM patients 491
CCM monthly payment $42.60
Estimated gross revenue for family medicine physician $251,000 

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CivicHealth Streamlines the Process

CPT code 99490 has very specific requirements, but they don’t have to be difficult with the right software. CivicHealth helps to meet these requirements with a platform that addresses every element of the CMS requirement, simplifying the process of caring for patients, documenting activities and qualifying for CCM reimbursement.

The CivicHealth platform specifically supports CCM and streamlines the process of executing and documenting the provisions stipulated to receive reimbursement. Groups that are entering time on an Excel spread sheet not only are unproductive, but they are exposing their practice or health system to potential denial of reimbursement by CMS – an expensive, time-consuming risk.

CivicHealth Offers:

  • Dynamic, collaborative care plans
  • Role-based security
  • 2-way HIPAA compliant communication and care plan collaboration between all in the care continuum (even community resources)
  • Simplifies time tracking and reporting
  • Integrates unstructured notes, pictures, pdfs so that anyone that needs access, has access
Requirement CivicHealth’s Solution
Create a Care Plan Guides you through each step of creating a comprehensive care plan that is required for each patient
Share With Others Share electronically across the care continuum
Share With Patient Create patient portal with access to care plan
Monitor Progress Track compliance with the care plan and the patient’s progress
Collaborate Allow anyone on the care team to view, update and edit

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