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About Us

CivicHealth’s robust, comprehensive platform offers the interoperability, workflow and reporting required in today’s healthcare environment.

From coordinating community services to creating a specialty network for the management of bundled payments, CivicHealth’s care management solutions deliver immediate benefits while preparing you for the transition to a value-based reimbursement model.

About Us: CivicHealth

CivicHealth’s Software Platform:

  • Ensures a continuum of care by facilitating collaboration between care providers and human services
  • Supports patient compliance through communication and documentation
  • Tracks care team efficiencies based on patient compliance
  • Documents care for non-tangible services not tracked for billing in EHRs

CivicHealth has established Community Resource Networks and Integrated Delivery Networks in more than 30 communities nationwide, which have improved patient care and led to increased provider reimbursements. For example, users have documented a 50% reduction in ED visits by the uninsured and also report a 25% drop in hospitalizations by the uninsured.

CivicHealth’s advanced technology is founded on the well-proven CareScope community health solution, which helps communities provide access, care, services and case management for target populations. The technology had already been in use for more than a decade when CivicHealth acquired CareScope in 2010.

Care for Medically Complex Patients

Medically complex patients challenge the system and require the following:

  • Workflow management among multiple providers and specialists
  • Management of referrals and medical tests
  • Coordinated transitions between hospitals, post-acute care facilities, senior living facilities and home health care
  • More involvement of care management to achieve patient compliance of recommended treatments

CivicHealth’s solutions support the extensive clinical and non-clinical collaboration required to care for medically complex patients as well as measuring and documenting outcomes for reimbursement purposes.

From Fee-Based to Value-Based Reimbursement

CivicHealth has a history of improving program-specific outcomes for targeted populations under current fee-for-service models. The company has also helped a wide range of organizations meet the demands of emerging healthcare models. These include the move to value-based reimbursement and bundled payments, management of targeted populations and delivery of health services through appropriate channels.

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